Designer Spotlight: Made in New England!

Not only does Water Street Jewelers love supporting artists and artisans of all kinds, we REALLY love to support our LOCAL artisans and designers.  This spotlight is on jewelry designed and created by our neighbors right here in New England!


EVOCATEUR's collection marries 22K gold leaf with sterling silver leaf to create an art driven collection of statement making jewelry. The collections draw inspiration from a range of wonders including ancient civilizations, African safaris and dreamy impressionistic gardens. EVOCATEUR seamlessly blends the worlds of art and fashion.

Barbara Ross-Innamorati, the founder and designer, has harbored a lifelong passion for both art and fashion. Her fascination with gold leaf, particularly its magical ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, ignited years ago. Barbara embarked on a mission to infuse 22K gold leaf into jewelry design, a journey that spanned eighteen months of dedicated research and experimentation. The result is the proprietary technique that distinguishes EVOCATEUR today. Barbara draws inspiration from her extensive travels across the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia. From their Connecticut studio, Barbara and her team of skilled artisans meticulously handcraft each piece, enveloping them in 22K gold leaf and sterling silver leaf. Through a meticulous process, the jewelry is gilded and burnished by hand, crafted over five days, culminating in an exquisite wearble work of art.

Evocateur Earrings


Combining sand and other elements collected from across the globe into their jewelry designs, Dune creates keepsakes that stand the test of time. Collecting elements from countless iconic locations around the world, each piece of jewelry holds a cherished memory from that time and place.  With travel in their souls, they are fervent advocates for a life rich in exploration and  wanderlust.

From founder, Holly Daniels Christensen: "The journey began in 2007, when the inspiration for Dune Jewelry took shape on my kitchen table. I began capturing beach memories in the form of unique, sand filled jewelry designs that I made for family & friends. Inspiration became a passion, and my passion became a business.

Our entire business is about capturing cherished memories and encouraging wanderlust by personalizing demi-fine, experiential jewelry with sand & earth elements from thousands of locations around the world. The destinations in our Sandbank reach far and wide. They all have a special meaning attached to them such as sand from a childhood beach house, an exciting life milestone, the destination of a family reunion, your favorite vacation spot, or maybe somewhere you hope to visit someday."

And like Water Street Jewelers, Dune strives to make a difference in their community and beyond. A portion of every order is proudly donated to important coastal and global causes. Over the years, Dune Jewelry has donated over $250,000 to charitable organizations across the globe. We love that!

Located in Norwood, Massachusetts, the team at Dune delights in creating jewelry that has special meaning to those wearing it. They celebrate in your journey and take pride in creating cherished memories that travel with you.

Dune Sand Ring

Susan Roberts

Susan Roberts, a seasoned jewelry designer based in Connecticut, has been crafting jewelry for over two decades. Her distinctive style stems from a profound love for art, color, and nature. She is dedicated to creating distinctly feminine styles that impart a simple, organic elegance. Her  inspiration flows from nature's diverse wonders, spanning from towering mountains to boundless oceans. With a discerning eye, she personally selects the most finely cut semi-precious stones.

Susan Roberts necklace