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Where the shoreline


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Where the shoreline gets


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Where the shoreline gets


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custom design

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America's Coolest Jewelry Store
Honorable Mention 2023

What an honor from IN STORE Magazine!
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More is more...
Layer It Up
Nothing shows your personality more than a great stack... so stack those necklaces, bracelets and rings!
Create your own layered Look
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Wearable Luxury
Julie Vos
Inspired by the art, architecture and ironwork of NYC...
Julie Vos exudes effortless sophistication
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Engagement & Wedding

Classic and timeless, elegant or modern, ethereal or bold.

Water Street Jewelers celebrates your wedding style and will work to find the perfect rings and wedding day accessories to symbolize your commitment and love for each other.

Custom Jewelry Design

Water Street Jewelers can transform your old jewelry into something beautiful and new that you can treasure for years to come.

We use traditional methods mixed with modern techniques to create pieces that suit your style.

We love bringing new life to old pieces!

...And More Services

Explore our additional services, including expert jewelry & watch repair, pearl restringing and appraisals.

And don't forget ear piercing, permanent jewelry and engraving.

We can even create personalized pieces of jewelry!

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We Believe in Giving Back

Water Street Jewelers will always be stewards of peace and love.

We only source conflict free diamonds. We have a strong commitment to artisans near and far. And our desire to support our community runs deep.

Learn more about our ongoing giving initiatives and commitment to social responsibility.

Join Us in giving back

A Few of Our Featured Brands

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The Shoreline Chmaber of Commerce
p66 - Water Street Jewelers
Amazing staff , impeccable work , Daniela is AMAZING!!!!

Such a great addition to the shoreline. Love that Water Street is shining a light on artisans and earth-conscious jewelry!

Kate B.
Best of the Shoreline 2020
2020_orig - Water Street Jewelers
Beautiful jewelry! Friendly staff! Perfectly priced.

Such an amazing store! The owner has really taken the time to curate a wide variety of pieces and she has really great taste. There is a large range in prices, so you can spend as little as $30 or you can spend $3000. The owner is so sweet and will work with you,  whatever you want to spend.

New York, NY
Best of the Shoreline 2019
th_2_c3759238-e4f4-4de1-b6f7-6e22a9af3e76 - Water Street Jewelers
Love the staff and had a great experience! I wear my new pieces every day!!

Wonderful experience! Very knowledgeable along with warm and welcoming. No rush and everyone leaves with a smile!

Lynn L.
Best of the Shoreline 2021
2021_orig - Water Street Jewelers
Beautiful jewelry- knowledgeable, friendly and no pressure staff. Highly recommend!

I LOVE the jewelry and Daniela at Water Street Jewelers and have started a collection. I'm a faithful customer and have recommended others as well.

Antonella V.
Guilford, CT

Such a great experience! From the moment you walk in to this bright and beautiful store you are greeted with friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to listen to you and direct you to the items that fit into your budget and style sense. Daniela has quickly fixed broken jewelry for me as well. Highly recommend!!

Elisabeth P.
Guilford, CT