Designer Spotlight: Anna Beck

Why do we love Anna Beck at Water Street Jewelers?  Let me count the ways...there are so many! From an aesthetic view point, we love the mixed metals, intricate details, unique stones and ease of wear. Each piece is great as a stand alone piece or perfect for layering. But what we love even their story. Their commitment to their artisans, their community and their mission to "better the world, using jewelry as a bridge for change".

Anna Beck works in partnership with artisans in Bali, using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each piece of Anna Beck Jewelry is handmade by an artisan that is a master of their craft. Their desire is that you feel all of the passion, commitment and love each artisan  has put into the piece of jewelry you are wearing. Through partnership and artisanship, they hope to connect cultures through their designs.

Anna Beck Saddle Ring

Anna Beck Saddle Ring



How it Began

"Founder Becky Hosmer started Anna Beck during a trip to Bali. There she met her future business partner, Gede, who made jewelry in a little room in the back of his home and inspired her to create a few pieces of her own.  

Becky moved to Bali, and a few years after designing those first pieces, Anna Beck grew into a business. Becky quit her day job and followed her passion. Working with the artisans in Bali taught her the art of jewelry making, as well as the art of mindfulness, love and kindness. She became more passionate than ever about her approach to honoring the artisans and the value of handmade objects. Becky lived in Bali for five years, and the lessons she learned would become the foundation of who she is today and who they are as a brand."

Anna Beck



We love that story! But as well as supporting handmade goods and artisanship, we also love their sense of community and social responsibility.  Supporting organizations that speak to the soul of their business is also something that resonates with Water Street Jewelers.  Whether you're supporting someone in your neighborhood, or someone across the globe, striving to make the world a better place through mindful acts and mindful purchases speaks to us.  Anna Beck supports The  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with a capsule charity collection of pieces. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust supports the growth of young elephants who have lost their parents to poaching, malnourishment or natural causes. You can learn more by visiting their  site and support their mission by purchasing the Small Elephant Charm Necklace 

Small Elephant Charm Necklace

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