Gemstone Shapes and Cuts: What's your favorite?


Which gemstone cuts and shapes are your favorites?

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut, with its gently rounded corners, maximizes the brilliance and luster of the gem. This modern cut draws inspiration from the antique "old mine cut," which originated in 18th-century Brazil during the era of prolific diamond mining. The "old mine cut" featured a square shape with rounded corners and a total of 58 facets.

Cushion Cut stone


 Princess Cut

Popular for engagement rings, the princess cut combines elements of a square and a brilliant cut, featuring pointed corners and approximately 78 facets. This cut ensures that the stone sparkles from every angle, including its center.

Princess cut stone

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut, a favored rectangular shape, boasts a flat top surface and angled corners. Its edges create a beveled mirror-like effect. Due to its flat surface, the emerald cut offers a soft gleam rather than a traditional sparkle.


Emerald Cut Stone


Round Cut

The round cut stands as the most popular and timeless gemstone shape. At one point, it was the sole shape available in the market. Its enduring appeal, particularly for engagement rings, is attributed to nearly 60 facets that deliver maximum sparkle and brilliance.

Round cut stone


Marquise Cut

Also known as a Navette, the marquise cut resembles a pointed oval. Crafting a marquise-shaped stone demands precision and skill. What sets this shape apart is its ability to visually enhance the stone's size without altering its carat weight, giving it a larger and more opulent appearance.

Marquise cut stone


Oval Cut

The oval shape is the most prevalent for gemstones. It may vary slightly depending on the cutting technique, ranging from perfectly proportioned edges to a more loosely spherical shape. The oval's unique trait lies in its ability to maintain its carat weight, making it a favored choice. Notably, it gained popularity as the shape of Princess Diana's sapphire and diamond engagement ring, now worn by Kate Middleton.


Oval cut stone


Asscher Cut

Similar to the emerald shape but with a smaller top surface, the Asscher cut owes its name to a renowned gem cutter who introduced this variation in 1902. It can feature 58 to 72 facets, contributing to its brilliant sparkle. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba have been spotted showcasing their Asscher engagement rings.


Asscher cut stone


Heart Shape

The heart shape is a modified version of the pear shape, achieved by creating a slight division at the top of the rounded surface. Paired with a brilliant cut, the heart shape boasts 58 facets that enhance its brilliance and femininity.

Heart shaped gemstone


Pear Shape

Also known as the teardrop shape, the pear shape typically features 56 to 58 facets, with one end broad and round, and the other pointed. It has often been associated with higher spirituality.

Pear cut stone


Radiant Cut

Combining the sparkling brilliance of the round cut with the square lines of the emerald cut, the radiant cut features angled corners and 68 to 70 facets. It is an excellent choice for making a dramatic statem
Radiant cut stone
Cabochon Cut

Cabochons are gems polished into domes, a style with ancient origins that has maintained popularity. While they are usually circular or oval, square or rectangular shapes are also possible.

Cabochon cut stone


 Briolette Cut

A briolette is a pear-shaped stone with facets on all sides. This style, which traces back to the 12th century, became associated with royalty. It is often found in vintage jewelry, particularly in earrings and pendants.

Briolette cut


Octagon Cut

Similar to the emerald cut but with non-uniform steps, the octagon cut highlights a gemstone's deep color but can also accentuate any inclusions or flaws. Thus, it's essential to seek gemstones with rich, flawless colors.

Octagon cut stone


Baguette Cut

Long and rectangular, the baguette cut is ideal for accent stones, available in straight or tapered designs. This cut maximizes clarity and creates a modern, geometric look. Originating from Italian and French words meaning "little stick" or "oblong loaf of bread," the baguette cut has been a staple in jewelry design since the Art Deco and Nouveau movements of the 1920s-1930s.

Tapered BaguetteStraight Baguette cut stone

Trillion Cut

Resembling a triangle, the trillion (or trilliant) cut features three sides and can have between 31 and 43 facets. It can have rounded or pointed corners and straight or curved sides.

Trillion cut stone


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