What are Conflict Free Diamonds?

 Conflict-free diamonds...what are they and why should I care?

At Water Street Jewelers, we are deeply committed to curating brands that adhere to rigorous ethical standards, ensuring the highest quality in every product we offer. Our dedication to conflict-free diamonds aligns perfectly with our core philosophy of safeguarding both humanity and the environment.

In essence, conflict-free diamonds are those that have not contributed to any civil strife. You may be familiar with the term "Blood Diamonds," particularly if you recall the 2006 film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou, which depicted the diamond conflict in Sierra Leone. A "Blood Diamond" refers to any diamond extracted and controlled by hostile factions opposed to a nation's government, with the proceeds funding military actions against that government. Essentially, these are ill-intentioned individuals exploiting diamonds to finance nefarious deeds. This has led to the tragic enslavement, forced child labor, sexual violence, torture, and loss of life of millions in countries like Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, among others. It's not confined to Africa either; even terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda, have utilized diamonds to bankroll their destructive missions.

Fortunately, The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was established to empower consumers to choose conflict-free diamonds when making a purchase. Diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process come with a written assurance that they originate from a conflict-free source. This ensures that every step of the process, from exportation to sale, is conducted with ethical integrity. You can learn more about The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme here.

While diamonds are often viewed as symbols of luxury and expressions of love, it's crucial to recognize that the seemingly simple act of selecting a conflict-free diamond holds profound global implications that transcend borders.